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Pet Friendly Carpeting

A dog laying on our carpeting

It's no secret to pet owners that while their fur babies are a joy to have in the house, they also tend to leave their mark on the home — sometimes literally. If paw prints, hair, dander, and the occasional accident are regular occurrences in your home, a pet-friendly carpet is the perfect solution for your floors.

Bear Carpet One offers lines of pet-friendly carpeting that are great options for pet owners. These carpets are specially treated to be stain resistant, particularly to pet messes. The fibers used to create these carpets are also easier to clean than a traditional carpet, so when messes happen, you don't have to work as hard to clean them up.


One thing to consider before purchasing new carpet is if your pet will be more likely to make a mess, or add extra wear and tear to your flooring. If your pup is prone to messy paws or accidents, a stain-resistant carpet is a perfect option. Bear Carpet One carries three lines of pet-friendly carpeting: Innovia, Bigelo STAINMASTER, and Lee's.

However, if you're more concerned about the extra wear your carpet will take from an active four-legged friend, it may be best to consider a carpet that is snag and hair-resistant. In this scenario, consult a salesperson about a short, tight fibered carpet that won't catch your pup's nails and snag (as is common with looped fiber carpeting).

Dog and girl on pet friendly carpet
Cat tipped plant on carpet

Whatever your need, reach out to our experts at Bear Carpet One and one of our experienced team members will help you decide what kind of flooring will best suit you and your furry best friend.


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