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Living Room

To start, ask yourself a few questions. Do you entertain? How frequently does food or drink enter your living room? If you often entertain, a hard surface flooring or a stain-resistant carpeting, such as Innovia, may be right for you.

Also be aware of your budget. Hard and soft surface flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors -- it is easy to find a design to suit your budget. Be sure to select a flooring that has a life expectancy and warranty that match your budget and the amount of traffic you anticipate through your living room.

Living rooms are generally considered 'high traffic' areas. For example, a living room where more than five kids usually play is a much higher traffic area than one where only two people live. A high traffic living room is a good candidate for hard surface flooring or mid-level or higher carpet. If hardwood floors don't appeal to you, keep in mind that you can use area rugs to add warmth and reduce any echoes in the room.

Bathroom flooring


Because full bathrooms are naturally moisture-rich environments, carpet is not typically recommended. If you do opt for carpet, you should always leave a hard surface around the toilet. Also be sure to think about a flooring that is easy to clean, as you want to make sure your bathroom can be easily maintained.

Laminate and hardwood flooring don't perform the best in moist environments, but WPC (waterproof core) flooring, a vinyl-style composite is an excellent choice. Tile is another good choice for bathrooms because tile has a lower absorption rate than other styles of flooring. Ceramic tile has a 3% absorption rate, which is good, but its grout can be discolored by moisture. Using a quality grout can combat this issue; or consider using a porcelain tile which has a 0.3% absorption rate.

Hardwood kitchen flooring


In the kitchen, often the biggest debate is whether to opt for a hard surface or carpet. While carpet is softer and more comfortable, it can be more tiring, especially for older adults, as it requires them to raise their feet higher than a hard surface. Hard floors have the benefit of not showing their wear, but they do tend to be colder and can scuff.

Cleanup and maintenance are easier with a hard surface floor in the kitchen. Spills should be expected in the kitchen, so take that into consideration as you determine the best flooring for your space. Hardwoods can be damaged by moisture that isn't cleaned up immediately, even though they are finished with polyurethane.

Bedoom carpeting


Depending whether you are installing flooring in a children's room or an adult bedroom, you may want to consider different fabrics. Polyester carpet is an excellent choice for a kids' bedroom for its low price point, meaning it can be replaced sooner. The colors available in polyester are typically brighter and stain-resistant.

The amount of traffic your adult bedroom sees can be a good deciding factor for the flooring you choose. For a bedroom with relatively normal traffic, polyester carpet works well. If your bedroom is a high traffic space, such as an area that you travel through to get to the bathroom or use as a hallway to access another room, it would be beneficial to invest in a higher quality carpet so that you don't see the wear as quickly.

Hard surface flooring for bedrooms is becoming more stylish and a popular choice these days. If you select a hard surface floor, you can add area rugs to make the space warm and cozy. Hardwood is an especially popular choice in master bedrooms, as these spaces don't typically get much moisture.

Basement flooring


The biggest consideration before selecting the proper flooring for your basement will the amount of moisture it has. Soft and hard surface floorings both do very well in basements, so you have a wide variety of choices. If moisture is a concern, Bear Carpet One is able to check the level of moisture in your basement when we take our measurements. On average, concrete emits moisture for seven years. That's why it's important to measure the amount of moisture in your basement. Older concrete is usually fine, but there is a higher chance of mold buildup if the concrete has moisture in it.

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